Shanghai Zhishang Road Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhisheng Road Multimedia was established in 2012. The company is located in the bustling business circle of People's Square in the center of Shanghai, with convenient transportation and good office environment. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to transnational cultural and economic exchanges, constantly exploring solutions for regional differences in culture and language, and has withstood strict tests in terms of quality, reputation and efficiency. to provide customers with translation, design and printing, multimedia translation and booth construction and other services, Shanghai Zhisheng Road has won the long-term support and trust of many customers.


Contact Person: Lynn Huang

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Weiku (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (WEIC)

WEIC is an international company that provides specialized language education, ASP services, builds digital content platforms, and develops online education around online talent development in Asia. WEIC, the company's head office, was established in 2004 and received investment from Waseda University to extend the language learning theories and methods of university research to the world. Graduates of Waseda University have also joined in entrepreneurial activities. As an independent university company that uses university research theories and methods to give back to the society, it provides Japanese, Chinese, English, and other newer language education materials for online learning with the concept of cultivating talents who can be active all over the world. WEIC in China In 2008, in order to provide more effective online learning materials for the increasing number of Japanese learners in China, a local legal person was established in China. WEIC's newer e-learning system is now available to universities, Japanese schools, IT and other research institutions. WEIC's technology The company has efficient language learning education theory and IT technology. Use the theories and techniques developed by the Institute of Language Studies of Waseda University for productization and market operation.
In order to improve the efficiency of language learning, WEIC has created a new mixed language education model, through the network learning face-to-face teaching to achieve mutual effect support, greatly improve the efficiency of language learning. Its richer content and more game-like tutorial design make learning languages easier. WEIC's goal Our goal is to bring a more humane and professional E-learning learning system into China! To provide more powerful support for active talent around the world.

advisory hotline 60878282


Shanghai Department of Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai is a subsidiary of Japan's ITAGE in China. Committed to China's "industrial automation services" and "information system integration 』.
It brings together excellent engineers with rich experience in many fields, people-oriented, pays attention to team spirit, thinks from the perspective of customers, and provides more optimized software and hardware solutions.
The group company has more than 10 years of FA software system development experience, especially in the fields of manufacturing execution system, automated three-dimensional warehouse WMS, communication, logistics traceability, production management, iOS and Android mobile phone application development.

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Xi'an Zhiyong Human Resources Co., Ltd.

Xi'an Zhiyong was established in May 2018 by Shanghai Zhishengdao Group and other investors. Relying on the local market in Xi'an, it provides comprehensive human resource solutions for enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. We focus on the Internet, finance and other industries. Our services include headhunting services, RPO services. We are committed to providing candidates with professional career development consulting, to provide customers with professional and perfect talent search services.

Contact: Ms. Ma
Contact information: 029-85244642;;
Address: Room 1110, Dahua South Gate One Center, 113 Chang 'an North Road, beilin district, Xi 'an City